industrial/noise/drone techno

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Here you can listen to some samples. The songs are significantly shortened compared to the live sets, but it doesn’t detract from the atmosphere and musical experience. Each track is a stream of energy and an unconventional approach to music.

Play at top volume.

Celestial Droneyssey

A musical composition that will take you to the infinite spaces of the universe. Deep and sweeping drone sounds evoke the feeling of infinity and the mystery of space. Together with sounds that resemble communication from other planets, they create an incredible and transcendental atmosphere.

Intro: Deep and infinite spaces of the universe hiding dark secrets.

Echoes of Desolation

A landscape of darkness and abandonment. With its disrupted sounds and layered textures, it transports you to lost and abandoned spaces. Dark industrial elements and distant echoes create a sense of hopelessness and despair.

Intro: A landscape of darkness, of lost and abandoned spaces, a touch of hopelessness.

Electrosonic Overload

A sonic manifesto of electricity, a world of power station murmurs and short circuits. The piece includes a range of sounds that recall the hum of transformers, the hiss of discharged capacitors and the ignition of electric arcs. It is a synthesis of sonic energy that incorporates industrial elements and electronic experimentation.

Intro: Electricity, unbridled and wild. It brings awe and respect for its power.

Submerged Echoes

A sonic voyage in an endless ocean where the sounds of ships and submarines materialize. The track comes alive with the pulsating sounds of ship engines, the hiss of jets and distant sonar reflections. Feel yourself sinking into a dark underwater world where the shadows of wrecks pass by and sound waves expand in endless chasms.

Intro: The endless abyss of the oceans and the expanding sound waves cast shadows of anxiety.